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Customers will post on Social Media about your business, visit more frequently and provide you feedback

Motivate your customers!

With Yollty you can incentivize your customers to come back more frequently, talk about your business on Social Media and also give you direct and private feedback!


Send direct messages to your customers. Inform them about special promotions and events via Yollty notifications.

Communicate with your customers!

Yollty allows you to send direct messages to your customers! You can even send messages to “clusters” of customers (e.g. “Customers who haven’t visited in the last month”)!

Social Media

You will get free and authentic publicity by your loyal customers. Grow your customer base by creating higher brand awareness!

Gain Social Media Exposure!

By motivating your customers to talk about your business on Social Media, you will get cheap and authentic publicity which will raise awareness and help you grow your customer base!


You will understand your customers like never before by having data on habits and behaviors. All this in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Understand your customers

Yollty provides you with an advanced dashboard, where you can constantly monitor your business! You will learn more about your customers’ habits and patterns which will further help you to grow your customer base while creating more loyal customers!

How does Yollty work for your customers?

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How does Yollty work for your business?

The Stamp

Who Are We

Our mission and philosophy

We are a young start-up team working from Luxembourg. Our multi-national team has come together with strong and diverse backgrounds in technology consulting and finance to bring the idea of Yollty to life. Our mission is to bring local businesses and their customers closer together by providing an innovative loyalty solution that goes beyond the traditional paper stamp cards. Over the past two years we have worked hard and adapted Yollty to ensure that it gives an excellent end user experience  while providing the businesses with the needed insights and social media presence. We are always happy to hear from people, so do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question, feedback or comments.

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